Virtual AccountAll our products are available via APIs for developers, fintechs to build/launch global financial products and for businesses that make frequent payments, require flexibility, and require control over how and when funds are moved.

What APIs are available on Fincra?

Payin - This enables you to collect payments in a variety of ways, including

  • Payment Checkout; Secure payment pages that you can integrate into your website or apps to collect payments from your consumers. 
  • Virtual Accounts; Fincra’s virtual accounts allow you or your customers to receive payments by bank transfers, with settlements in your account.
  •  Payment Links; Simple way to collect payments from your customers by sending them links to pay you without needing a website
  • POS Terminal; Fincra's POS system allows your business to accept payments from customers at the point of sale.

Payout - This enables you to make local and international transfers in different currencies. With this API, you can make two types of payouts namely;

  • Local Payouts
  • Cross Border Payouts

Virtual Account  - This enables you to create local and international virtual bank accounts in currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, NGN to receive payments. With our virtual accounts, you can accept payments from Africa, Europe, the US, the UK, and anywhere in the world.

Agency Banking   - We offer robust APIs & SDKs that allow you to create your agency banking platform and offer services such as bill payments, cash withdrawals, and many more. 

POS Terminal - Accept payments using Fincra POS Terminals & Cashout API. The Cashout API allows you to integrate our card reader devices and the Fincra POS payment flow into a customized POS machine that meets your specific needs.

Identity Management This allows businesses to verify and manage users' identities and personal information, as well as ensure the authenticity of identity documents and maintain accurate user records.

Utility - This enables you to process bill payments such as airtime, data, electricity, and cable TV all through a single integration. 

Explore guides, tutorials and reference documentation to help you integrate Fincra's APIs, here